Andrew Cassara's New Single will stick to you like a "Magnet"


Andrew Cassara Releases Infectious New Single "Magnet"

Ottawa, Canada, June 13, 2024 – Canadian pop sensation Andrew Cassara delights fans once again with the release of his latest single, "Magnet". Known for his energetic and genre-blending style, Cassara takes listeners on a nostalgic journey reminiscent of his beloved "Freak On Repeat" era, infusing disco vibes with contemporary funk-pop elements.

Produced just before Cassara's creative retreat in Mexico City, "Magnet" encapsulates his signature sound with a fresh twist. The track is set to captivate audiences with its infectious groove, catchy melodies, and dynamic vocals that highlight Cassara's evolution as an artist.

"I wanted to bring back the energy that fans loved from 'Freak On Repeat'," said Cassara. "The disco influence in 'Magnet' adds a new dimension to my music while staying true to the pop influence that my fans enjoy."

Following the success of his previous releases, including "Freak On Repeat" and a pile of singles and remixes since then, Cassara continues to carve out his own path in the music industry, blending pop sensibilities with elements of funk and dance to create a sound uniquely his own.

"Magnet" is now available on all major streaming platforms, promising listeners a "beginning of summer" anthem that will get them moving and grooving.

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