Daniel Richter and The Twinz - New Single Release - Carry On - Available Now

Available now through Future 5th / The Orchard 
TORONTO April 12, 2023
Daniel Richter and The Twinz Unveil Electrifying Collaboration: "Carry On" 

Daniel Richter, the dynamic frontman of Eleven Past One, steps into the spotlight once again, continuing the story on his developing solo journey. Teaming up with the acclaimed Audio Engineer and music producer Lukas Wehrle, along with his brother Tim, known as "The Twinz," Richter unveils a mesmerizing new single, "Carry On."

At just 26 years old, Lukas Wehrle has already made waves in the Deep House and Pop scene, earning accolades from industry heavyweights like Robin Schulz and Kygo. His previous collaborations as one half of "The Twinz" garnered international acclaim, with a standout release under Sony Music Germany in 2015 and exclusive signing with the label from 2019 to 2020.

"Carry On" marks a bold step for Richter, blending his infectious vocals with The Twinz signature production style, resulting in a track that pulsates with energy and emotion. Drawing inspiration from the convergence of electronic and pop genres, the single promises to captivate listeners with its irresistible hooks and infectious beats.

"I'm thrilled to embark on this new musical journey with Lukas and Tim," says Richter. "Their creativity and passion have brought 'Carry On' to life in ways I couldn't have imagined. It's a song that speaks to the resilience within all of us, urging us to press forward despite life's challenges."

With Richter's powerful vocals soaring over The Twinz electrifying production, "Carry On" is poised to make a splash on your favourite playlists! The single invites listeners to join Richter and The Twinz on a sonic adventure, where every beat echoes with the determination to persevere.

"Carry On" is available now on all major streaming platforms on. Join Daniel Richter and The Twins as they redefine the boundaries of contemporary music and inspire audiences to carry on with hope and determination.

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Daniel Richter is a Canadian singer-songwriter known for his powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence. As the lead vocalist of Eleven Past One, Richter captivated audiences with his emotive performances and chart topping hits! Now embarking on a solo career, Richter continues to push the boundaries of contemporary pop music with his distinctive sound and compelling lyricism.
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Lukas Wehrle, also known as NRONE, is an award-winning Audio Engineer and music producer hailed for his innovative approach to Deep House and Pop music. Alongside his brother Tim, Lukas forms the dynamic duo known as "The Twins," whose electrifying collaborations have garnered international acclaim. With a track record of success and a passion for pushing creative boundaries, NRONE and The Twins are poised to make a lasting impact on the global music scene.

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