Ricki Ayela's Highly Anticipated Album "Dying Inside" Set to Release on September 8th.


Toronto, Ontario Canada - SGMGroupArtists is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Ricki Ayela's latest album, "Dying Inside," slated to hit the streets on Friday, September 8th. With a collection of six captivating tracks, blending a mix of old and brand-new songs, this album is set to be a game-changer for Ricki Ayela's musical journey.

"Dying Inside" is a sonic rollercoaster that promises to take listeners on an emotional journey like never before. The album is punctuated by Ricki's heartfelt vocal performances, showcasing her extraordinary talent and the depth of her artistry. The songs delve into the inner struggles and emotional challenges that have shaped Ricki's life, creating a powerful contrast between her sweet voice and the raw, high-energy emotions within the music.

The first single and focus track will be, "Dying Inside", and the album also features a remarkable collaboration with the talented Martron, "Guaranteed Liability". These tracks set the tone for the entire album, offering a taste of the emotional intensity and musical creativity that listeners can expect from "Dying Inside." With its unique blend of rock and pop elements, this album represents a pivotal point in Ricki Ayela's musical direction.

"We couldn't be more excited to share 'Dying Inside' with the world," said Steve Gardiner, Director at SGMGroupArtists. "Ricki Ayela's extraordinary vocal prowess combined with the compelling themes explored in this album make it an absolute must-listen for fans of rock and pop music."

"Dying Inside" will be available on all major music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and many more. Music enthusiasts and fans alike can mark their calendars for Friday, September 8th, to experience the full spectrum of emotions that Ricki Ayela has poured into this remarkable album.

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About Ricki Ayela:

Ricki Ayela is a rising star in the Canadian music industry, known for her captivating vocals and emotionally charged performances. With a diverse musical background and a unique blend of rock and pop influences, Ricki Ayela has established herself as a compelling artist with a promising future.


About SGMGroupArtists: 

SGMGroupArtists is a renowned record label dedicated to promoting exceptional talent in the music industry. With a commitment to delivering high-quality music and supporting emerging artists, SGMGroupArtists continues to be a driving force in the world of music production and promotion.

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